Large firm experience. Small firm personal service.

Who we are

We assist clients with a broad range of intellectual property matters from patent dispute resolution to trademark processes to licensing matters, and the full range of business issues that accompany their intellectual property matters. 

Our philosophy:  provide outstanding legal services to our clients, and do so efficiently and proactively.  

With more than two decades of experience at some of the nation's largest law firms, we understand the legal and business environment in which our clients operate.  And we know how to effectively, and efficiently, provide legal services to them.  With a personal, hands on approach to partnering with our clients, we identify early in our representation a plan for victory.  Whether the matter involves litigation, negotiation, licensing, or strategy, we identify at the outset the client's objectives, and develop a plan to achieve them.  We call this our Road Map to Victory, and  we develop the Road Map individually with each client, for each matter.  

Why our firm

Because we are your partner, not merely a service provider -  We understand that our clients have businesses to run and lives to lead, and that their legal matters should not overwhelm either of those.  We partner with our clients to make the provision of legal services a winning solution, not a drag on time and resources.